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An Entity of Type : http://bio2rdf.org/hgnc_vocabulary:Gene-Symbol, within Data Space : virtuoso:8890 associated with source document(s)

  • Gene Symbol for DPYD [hgnc:3012]
  • Gene Symbol for DPYD
  • hgnc:3012
Bio2RDF identifier
  • 3012
Bio2RDF namespace
  • hgnc
Bio2RDF uri
accession [hgnc_vocabulary:accession]
  • U20938
approved name [hgn...ry:approved-name]
  • dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase
approved symbol [h...:approved-symbol]
  • DPYD
chromosome [hgnc_vocabulary:chromosome]
  • 1p22
date approved [hgn...ry:date-approved]
date modified [hgn...ry:date-modified]
has approved symbo...-approved-symbol]
locus specific xre...us-specific-xref]
  • "UMD Locus Specific Databases|http://www.umd.be/","LRG_722|http://www.lrg-sequence.org/LRG/LRG_722"
record type [hgnc_...lary:record-type]
  • Standard
status [hgnc_vocabulary:status]
synonym [hgnc_vocabulary:synonym]
  • DPD
x ccds [hgnc_vocabulary:x-ccds]
x ec [hgnc_vocabulary:x-ec]
x ensembl [hgnc_vocabulary:x-ensembl]
x mgi [hgnc_vocabulary:x-mgi]
x ncbigene [hgnc_vocabulary:x-ncbigene]
x omim [hgnc_vocabulary:x-omim]
x pubmed [hgnc_vocabulary:x-pubmed]
x refseq [hgnc_vocabulary:x-refseq]
x rgd [hgnc_vocabulary:x-rgd]
x ucsc [hgnc_vocabulary:x-ucsc]
x uniprot [hgnc_vocabulary:x-uniprot]
x vega [hgnc_vocabulary:x-vega]
Specialist databas..._vocabulary:xref]
is x hgnc [drugbank_vocabulary:x-hgnc] of
is is approved symbol...proved-symbol-of] of
is x hgnc [kegg_vocabulary:x-hgnc] of
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