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  • Natural Science Disciplines [mesh:D010811]
  • Natural Science Disciplines
  • mesh:D010811
Bio2RDF identifier
  • D010811
Bio2RDF namespace
  • mesh
Bio2RDF uri
identifiers.org URI
allowable topical ...pical-qualifiers]
annotation [mesh_vocabulary:annotation]
  • GEN or unspecified
  • SPEC: SPEC qualif
  • prefer specifics
backfile posting [...backfile-posting]
date major descrip...ptor-established]
date of entry [mes...ry:date-of-entry]
descriptor class [...descriptor-class]
entry term [mesh_vocabulary:entry-term]
  • Natural Sciences|T090|NON|EQV|NLM (1966)|990101|abcdef
  • Discipline, Natural Science
  • Disciplines, Natural Science
  • Natural Science
  • Natural Science Discipline
  • Physical Science
  • Science, Natural
  • Science, Physical
  • Sciences, Natural
  • Sciences, Physical
  • Physical Sciences|T090|NON|NRW|NLM (2002)|010530|abcdef
history note [mesh...ary:history-note]
  • 2009 (1998)
major revision dat...or-revision-date]
mesh heading [mesh...ary:mesh-heading]
  • Natural Science Disciplines
mesh heading thesa...ing-thesaurus-id]
  • NLM (2009)
mesh scope note [m...:mesh-scope-note]
  • The sciences dealing with processes observable in nature.
mesh tree number [...mesh-tree-number]
previous indexing ...revious-indexing]
  • Science (1966-1997)
public mesh note [...public-mesh-note]
  • 2009; see NATURAL SCIENCES 2002-2008; see PHYSICAL SCIENCES 1998-2001
record type [mesh_...lary:record-type]
  • D
running head [mesh...ary:running-head]
semantic type [mes...ry:semantic-type]
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